Hello lovely hearters!
It's Thursday which can only mean one thing ... time to introduce more of our Writing Team Members! These fantastic ladies and gentlemen have put together a little something for you to get to know them even better! Read on to find some amazing talent!

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malin 🍂
malin 🍂

Hello lovely readers and hearters! My name is Malin Therese (@matomm), and I’m from the cold north of Norway.

I have used We Heart It for five years now, and my favorite thing is meeting all the lovely people on here. During my years on this app, I’ve met people from all over the world, and every single one has inspired me in their own way. I always get excited when I’m about to log into my account.

I’m currently studying journalism, photography, and moviemaking. I spend many hours every day behind cameras and screens, and I enjoy every second of it. You’ll find all my work on my account if you give me a follow!
I’ve written articles for newspapers and magazines before, but right now I’m spending my free time writing here, on We Heart It. I could not be any happier for working with the lovely writers of We Heart It writers team!

My goal with writing articles will be to keep you entertained. I love writing more than anything. And when I write, I like to leave the readers with a question. So, when you see my name, get ready for some minutes of thinking. I write about everything from books and astrology to fashion and travel, but my specialty is feminism and equality.

Lastly, I can’t wait for you to read my articles.
Always love, “M. Therese”

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Kellyy ☾
Kellyy ☾
Hey everyone ! My name is Kelly (@BasicallyKelly here on WHI).

I’m from the UK and in high school studying graphics, geography, French and music along with the compulsory subjects: English literature/language, maths, and the sciences.

I discovered WeHeartIt back in 2016 and it's honestly my favorite social media as I’m able to inspire the community through what I post as well as be inspired at the same time. My favorite thing about being on WeHeartIt is writing articles for everyone to read and meeting new inspirational creative users from around the world, many of which I can now call my friends.

When I’m not on WeHeartIt, I enjoy playing badminton and doing athletics. Also, I play the violin and piano and love taking photos, editing and writing as my hobbies.

My * favorite* thing to write about is fashion and lifestyle articles. Writing, whether it's about study tips or fashion trends, allows me to put my thoughts into words and inspire, motivate and entertain everyone in hopes of making people smile; even if its just one person.

I hope you love my articles and that they will lighten up your day.
Kelly xx

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’Bonjour’ everyone,

I’m so glad and thankful to have to chance to introduce myself here ♡ Being part of the Writers Team is for me a huge challenge and I can’t wait to share this amazing adventure with all of you.

So, my name is Rose, and I’m Parisian ♡Youwillquicklyunderstandthatmy life revolves about one thing : FASHION. Indeed, I study fashion for many years now, in a reputed Parisian fashion school. My studies are really involved and I have very little free time but when I can relax, I love hanging in my lovely city. This is my second love, Paris.

Briefly, I am a real French cliché, overcaffeinated, addicted to fashion, in love with a French boy (and my french dog), smiling inside (and only inside) and a passionate ... But I’m ok with that!

I’m on We Heart It since 2012 (feel like a We Heart It dinausore), and I used it for everything ... To find inspiration, to inspire others, to boost my mood, to meet lovely people ad so! And this is probably what I love the most about We Heart It, it’s a kind of «*life tools*» where you can be yourself, share with others, inspire, be inspired and which accompany you in every step of your life.*We Heart It is for me one of the best community I’ve had the chance to meet ♡

*I can’t wait to share with you my articles about fashion (trends guide, fashion week ...), about love and take care of yourself, about beauty, about my Parisian life, and simply about things that passionate me.

Bye, au plaisir

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Hello Lovely Hearters!
My name is Temwa and I’m from Malawi - which is situated in Central Africa. Like many of you, I am in love with We Heart It. I first came across We Heart It when I saw a couple of girls at my school scroll through the site; I loved the girly, modern aesthetic of the site so much that I had to Immediately check it out for myself. Once I searched it up, I was so amazed and blown away by the beautiful pictures on the site and how everything was so neatly organized – plus the fact that signing up was FREE was also a bonus for me.
Since 2013, We Heart It has been my go-to place to be inspired and a place that I like to run to when I just want to escape my crazy stressful life. We Heart It has (and will always) be my happy place; whenever I went through a breakup, the first place I would go to would be WHI to binge on motivational quotes; whenever I just needed to sit down and relax my mind, I’d just put on my earphones and listen to my favorite music while I scroll through the discover page and heart as many lovely photos I see.
My love for We Heart It grew, even more, when I discovered that there is an article featured on the platform. Since January I have not gotten tired of writing articles. If you guys have come across my articles, then I’m sure that you know that I love writing Fashion articles. Fashion has always had a special place in my heart since I was a little girl. I love reading fashion magazines, I love watching clothing hauls on Youtube and I follow a lot of Fashion bloggers on Instagram. I’m so glad that I’ve been chosen me to be a member of the We Heart It writers team because I finally have the opportunity to be able to express my love for fashion by sharing outfit inspo and fashion tips to more people. I can’t wait to continue writing fashion articles for you guys – so get ready to read more fun and helpful fashion articles from me.
When I’m not on WHI, you can find me cooking; I love looking for new hearty recipes on Pinterest because I am such a foodie! I also love watching travel documentaries and I hope that one day I can get to travel the world.

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z a k i i
z a k i i

Hey loves! I’m Serena (@singingskies) and I’m super excited and grateful to be part of We Heart It's wonderful writer's team.

Of all of my social media, We Heart It is my absolute favorite. There’s positivity in every corner, and I love finding and creating inspiration. I joined in late May of last year, but I ended up taking several month gaps because I didn’t really understand WHI at that time. When I came back around June, I fell in love with this place and I regretted missing so much. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and there are so many creative, inspiring people on here! And of course, articles were out and I could resist writing some!

When I’m not on We Heart It, I’m either in school (yup, high school), writing, listening to music, doing homework, reading, playing the piano or cello, working on business skills, or doing something to take up my time. I love building up my skills in many things (like my hobbies) and learning about whatever I can. Knowledge is power!

My articles will consist of advice and tips for everyday life, school, and maybe even fashion at some point, so keep a lookout! I hope that I can also inspire and motivate you all through my writing, and I can’t wait to share my articles with you.

With love,

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Hello there! My name is Giselle, but on We Heart It I am known as omg_giselle. I am a very nerdy/dorky/geeky person with a broad spectrum of interests. They vary from Star Wars, books, video games (obsessed with them!), Star Trek, fashion, and much more. I take pride in being a major geek so when I call myself that, know that I mean it in a positive way! Some topics I will be writing about will be regarding health, exercise, self-care, motivation, tips for school, or whatever interests me at the moment, really. I am super excited and thankful to be a part of the We Heart It Writers team! I love how We Heart It truly has something for everyone to love, no matter what your interests are. It's a very motivating app for women which I find unique since it spreads nothing but positivity. I hope to meet new friends while being on the writing team and progress as a writer as well.

Much love,
Giselle :)

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Hi, I'm Fernanda but here I'm known as "ferrr" and formerly as "HerI'mFer" (I know, maybe it's not the most original hahaha).

I love the freedom that We Heart It gives to all of us who participate here, feel (talking about this team) that someone values your words is something wonderful, I love how We Heart It gives us the opportunity to grow our writing skills, in addition to all this I must add the wonderful people that you can find here, they're all amazing people.

If I had to say some crazy or funny fact about me, I love bubbles with all my heart, I have a serious obsession with them, it may sound dumb but I could play with them all day.

Honestly I don't have a specific topic on which to write, I write according to my mood or my interests at that moment, but most of my articles go towards having a healthy body and mentality, I want to show ways of relaxation, for example, what to do to lower the Stress and have good days. Also, tips related to skincare and fashion. If you want to suggest something to me, my messages are always open.

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Mara Jo
Mara Jo

Hey loves!
My name is Mara or @marasmolders here on We Heart It. I’m an 18-year-old Belgian girl and I’m super excited to be a member of this Writing team!
I discovered We Heart It in 2015 and been hopelessly in love with this site since then. While there are so many other sites that give you the opportunity to share pictures and ideas, We Heart It will always be my favorite because it is so much more than just that. It gives me the chance to see inspirational people every day, to follow up fashion, it gives me knew ideas and makes me laugh. But what I love the most about it, is that it encourages people to do what they love and share their passion and talents with the whole community. It’s like I became a member of a big family that will always support me.
I study English and French literature at University, so I obviously like to spend my time juggling with words, inventing characters and reading! When I’m not studying or reading, I also like to sing and dance. Writing has always been one of my greatest passions, but I never shared my work with someone because I thought it wasn’t good enough. So, I’m incredibly grateful that I get the chance to share my articles and stories with you guys! I’m also a positive and happy person, so I would like to share a little bit of that positivity with all of you through my articles!
My articles will be about everything that has to do with feeling good about yourself, positivity, study related subject, and motivation! From time to time you may also see a short story or poem come your way.
I hope you got to know me a little bit better!
Lots of love, Mara

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Hi guys! For those of you who do not know me my name is Dahiandra and I am a We Heart It article writer since 2014 I believe (not sure tho). I’m currently living in France as a med student, but I swear I’m still active. We Heart It has always been my go-to place when I’m feeling inspired or motivated and I really enjoy it because it allows me to create beautiful pieces such as articles or collections. My articles can be about everything and anything but they’re usually centered around fitness, goal achieving (studying, career…) and then random stuff when I’m uninspired

I’m quite the artsy girl, mainly in the drawing and dancing area (ballet and I have a long-term relationship) but I’m also the nerdy girl who stays awake until 4:00 AM to watch anime and fangirl over people who don’t exist so… My general goal in life is to become independent and enjoy myself and the world around me. No one should ever be afraid of achieving their goals, even if the road is bumpy as hell.

I’ve wanted to be a writer my entire life, and since I joined We Heart It I seem to be getting closer to that goal. Being a part of this team means that my efforts were noticed and that means a lot to me (also, it’s a big fuck you to everyone who said I can’t write).

And I guess that’s enough about me.

Temporarily removed

So here they are! Our team is amazing and if you want to learn more about them check out these articles!

Lots of love