Hey guys 😍
Today i'm going to talk about high school and how improve your grades . i'm a senior and it been hard to me to be honest , but it you follow these notes you will do better . sooo let start ;

this tip is very helpful for me . it improve me at homework , project, essay... etc . it organize my total life not just in school

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it not have to be fancy just a notebook and write on it

when your teacher start talking and explaining the lesson , stop everything you're doing because if you didn't understand with you teacher you will feel when you come back home

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if the teacher says something important and you afraid to forget it take notes

it the most thing can help you it studying for test, final exams, pre-studying

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to do much better in studying you have to care about your studying environment like :
•clean your study area and organize it
•keep away any distraction like your phone, laptop or anything can do
•grab what you need next to you , so you won't get up and waste time
•bring a bottle of water in front if you + tea or coffee

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it can help studying with friends and asking them questions that you don't understand and it kinda fun ..

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you can take a nap, eat a snack, watch netflix.. etc

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At the end of the day don't stress your self and as hard you work give your self a reward . what meant to be will be . and that it for the day LY ❤

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thank you