Shuwarma Chicken Marination Ingredients
Bonesless chicken cubes of 2 fillets
Shaan chicken tandoori/ chicken tikka masala 3-4 tbsp
GG paste 1 tsp
Yogurt 2-3 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Oil 1tbsp

Add boneless chicken in a bowl. Now add Shaan masala, GG paste, yogurt, lemon juice, oil and mix well. Let it marinate for one hour.

Vegetable mixture
Cabbage/ iceberg lettuce 1/2 small
Carrot 2
Cucumber 2
Green chilies 2-3
Onion (optional) 1 small
Vinegar 2 tbsp
Mustard sauce 1 tbsp leveled
Hot sauce 2 tbsp
Mayonnaise 3 tbsp

Cut all the vegetables in small cubes. Now add vinegar, mix well and let it marinate for 15-20 minutes. Then wash all the vegetables well. Now add mayonnaise, mustard sauce, hot sauce and mix well. The quantity of the sauces are andaza so you can alter according to taste.

Grill chicken
Now grill the marinated chicken on low flame for 15mins then on high flame for 5mins to give bbq (jala hua) effect.

Shuwarma Assembling
Now take pita bread (I have used tandoori roti as my husband likes it more), spread chili garlic sauce and mayonnaise well, spread the vegetable mixture and then add the grilled chicken top. Garnish it with mayonnaise.

  • This is an Arabic style shawarma (with desi fusion of course) that's why I didn't roll it. Plus I wanted it to show for pictures :p You can roll it and then wrap it in a cling film or butter paper *
  • Just be critical with vinegar timings as it gets too sour if you leave it for long *

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