I only have 3 rules when it comes to boys and falling in love.

Develop feelings only when asked.
Stay away from men with feelings.
If it felt right, no regrets.

Some might look at these rules and think of how hard it must be to follow them but I say it’s easier than heartbreak or breaking someone else’s heart. It’s with these rules I’ve never had my heart broken and I wonder if I’m missing out on the biggest love story of all. Everywhere I look I see relationships shuffle around as if the only way to find love is to be in love and to fall again.

Lies or mystery? A lie through omission. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know the truth. Rule number 2 is the hardest one to follow. Men who already have feelings for someone else are everywhere, trying to avoid telling them truth and torn between trying to make them jealous in order to catch their attention. Those I seem to find easy to stay away from. Men who are rejecting their feelings, resisting as if there is a consequence to their love, tend to look around. To be distracted or to be tempted. If you find one of these men, run.

As I get older I feel like I’m in a constant state of running, people are scared of love. Everyone is scared of love. Yet we cannot avoid love or deny it, only soothe our desire.

Once you follow the rules, you’re only left to ask is, what do you want? Everyday I ask that question. A best friend is too platonic, a lover is too shallow, a boyfriend sounds impetuous. There is my answer. A bohemian lover. No, not the boho chic, beanie wearing, coiffed beard type of guy. I mean the very essence of bohemianism. The unconventional, unpredictable, and the irresistible kind. Maybe one day I’ll show you what I mean.