The guy who call me angel, while we don't know each other, they guy who doesn't know me but, he thinks she likes me, before you were almost in love with a friends you really know, and suddenly, you are not interested in her, what type of guy are you, because I don't like that kind, I don't want to be manipulate, either to be marry just for you to live in my country or the country I would like to live my future, my dream, I want my freedom, I want to be able to choose whatever the fuck I want, I don't want to be nervous when I talk to you, I want to be famous by my name, not by my face. I want to be remmember, I want to be choose when the friends met, not just know about the meeting when it's already finished, or have been a long time.

You don't how I am till we meet in person, and that doesn't seem like a possibility right now. So just be you, and just be friends.

I want to talk, I wanrt to hang out with all of them.