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I have saved OVER 112 ITEMS IN MY WISHLIST and i can tell you that i went crazy and my style has definiteley changed getting this app, not gunna lie, it my fave one xx

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So i get most of my trainers from here and only trainers i get here, i have never gotten a clothing item from JD because i kind of wanted the clothing items to be in the most colourful colours, not just basic colours, so i go to the brand's websites but another website which will be next♥

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This websites has thousands of branded stuff, that are hard to find on the internet or the brand's website/they're not out and stuff, this is the website to go to♥

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Pretty Little Thing♥
PLT is defo my 2nd fav because they're stuff is great! i can't believe that this stuff was good when i was younger, honestly. This app has defo changed my style too and i am so glad it has because i love it and i can't wait to spend my money on this and if i become poor, my fault, but wud nah take eh back bitches ;p

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BooHoo is a little like missguided but it doesn't have as many things as Missguided. It has beauty products (haven't brought anything from that section before, so idk if it's a good/bad review)

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that's it guys, i hoped this helped towards your decision on whether you should spend money on 2 different shops either one of them, it adds more comp haha, make sure to look at my other articles and images♥:

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