I'm for sorry you guys! I think I meant to post this ages ago but I'm too busy! Anywaysss! Here is a Fall Day In My Life: Enjoy... <3

Wake Up In the Morning

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I wake up and open my windows. I step onto my balcony and breath in the autumn air. Then I head into the bathroom and wash my face.

My Morning

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I make avocado on toast and a bubbling cup of black coffee. Then I go and sit on my balcony and eat it! Afterwards, I make my bed and jump in the shower. After that I get down and do some homework.


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After doing some work I head towards my kitchen and make lunch. I love pasta and spiced pumpkin soup at the moment!

Time to head out

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The air is still chilly as I put my trench coat and and my headphones. I listen to some of my fave podcasts see my "walks" article lol! Then I either get a taxi or the bus to the V&A

Work Hard

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Then I study in the V&A library. It is so glamorous and beautiful. I love the atmosphere.


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There is the brasserie near the V&A that I love and I will go there and get a coffee. I sit and read. It is so wonderful, like my little taste of luxury.

Home and walk

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Then I get a cab home, sometimes with a bubble tea in my hand (my secret addiction) and I go for a walk in the park in from t of my house.

Home Sweet...

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Then I get back home and shower. After that I sit down with some kind of snack, like popcorn, or chopped up melon and watch a Halloween movie. Tonight I'm going to watch the Adams Family!

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