02. February

We were in my kitchen; it was 2:34. It was four days after you first time kissed me. I never knew what you had so unique, that I was mad about you, that I already asked you to come over for the night.

And I never regretted it, even though we moved so fast.

We made chicken nuggets, oh I miss it so much when I think about it now.

You told me that you want to talk about everything and anything and you have a massive urge for talking to me, but when you open your mouth, nothing comes out.

It was exactly how I felt too when I was with you.

Then you hugged me from the back, and I turned around, and I kissed you with desire.

When we were sitting at the dining table, you asked me a question.
What made me sure of every question I had and then I knew why we moved so fast.
It was because we both felt it.
"Do you believe that u can find the love of your life in this age", I didn't know what to answer, so I asked from you "Do you", and you smiled as you looked at me.

"I think I do."