We all know that food is the main part of our healthy life style. All of us are want that good food and full of nutrition. Few days ago I made a website of recipe or starting my business as a restaurant in Himachal.
As we all know Himachal is one of the best place to visit and famous for hill area and lot of temples are here.
I visited in solan which is good place also for tourist and over there I seen there is lots of food restaurant and they are serving various food to their customers and that is a good thing but the main problem was that their price list is too high its above of the the normal rate means it’s double from the normal price and due to this avg class people’s feeling hesitate before ordering food just because of high rates an of of their budget.
And I also noticed that there is no such food delivery facility which disappointed me a lot. Because I was in my hotel room and I want to do order some food not from the hotel but from outside . I searched a lot where I can found my best dishes and after along search I found one restaurant which has this dish but there is no such delivery option . and on that time I decided to do something better for those people who are visited there. And are suffering from this problem In which I’m. And this time I have a website which is related to all food and here I’m offering from basic to main course within budget and pocket friendly.

Apart from this I opened my own restaurant in Himachal which is situated in the city of Solan and here I’m offering those food what peoples want and according to the customer requirement and within budget no extra charges .
I linked up my Foodbuzz Online recipe with my restaurant and I know I did a good job to those people who are feeling shy to buy anything which is not in their budget. And now they are buying all the things just because of minimum cost and good food.
At foodBuzz you can find lots of varieties like Indian veg , Spicy and crunchy Food, Dessert and Chinese cuisine etc.