You were waiting for this. You told me that no matter what has happened, we would always be close. You reassured me that through thick and thin you would never leave.
You left.
You had no intention of staying, until I tried to move on. When a new boy made me feel special, you wanted me to come back.
I fell for it.
You have never wanted all of me. You have only ever needed part of me.
The most important piece.
My soul.
You told me again you would never leave no matter what happened.
You left.
I try to move on, I surround myself with people that make me feel wanted, yet you are threatened by the fact that I might be okay without you and you throw angry words around my name.
You were waiting to have a reason to hate me, but it never came.
You have created one in your head and now I am the biggest regret on your list, yet what have I done?
I have only tried to heal.