This past month has been quite hard for me. A lot has happened and changed. But I'm on my way up now, and I just wanted to share some of the things I have been doing that made me feel better during this, more difficult time.

Listen to music

- sweetener, ariana grande
- life is a highway, rascal flatts
- seize the day, hoffmaestro
- hey ya!, outkast
- girlfriend, bea miller
Music always makes me feel better. And when I feel down, I have a special playlist with "feel good" music. The songs I wrote down^ maybe can be the first songs to add in your playlist. I promise. They are good.
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To find a song that describes your feelings and sing it, is the best way for me to realize what it is I'm actually feeling.
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Dance it off

Shake things off. Jump around. Put your hands up it the air. Dance like no one is watching.
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Watch tv series

- grey's anatomy
- friends
- how I met your mother
- riverdale
- glee
I love to cuddle up in bed with a good serie to watch! It's an escape from reality. And that can be nice sometimes.
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Draw or paint something

I feel like it's very relaxing to just sit down and paint or draw something. It doesn't have to be good. Just to relax the brain.
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Take a walk or run

When you run your body releases endorphins, and that actually makes you happier. Of course you shouldn't run if that is something that makes you feel worse. But for me it's a way of letting all the bad feelings go with every step I take.
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It's okay to be sad

It's okay to be sad. Just try not to get stuck in the sadness for to long. Cry it all out and then make a plan for how you will get through it. Because you will get through it! I believe in you<3
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Write all of your feelings down

To write down what you feel with pen and paper is underestimated. You can write whatever you want and no one will ever see what you wrote if you decide to not show. It's a way to express your feelings and a way to figure out what your feelings actually mean.
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Read a good book

It's also a way of just escaping reality for a while. It can be nice sometimes.
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I hope you enjoyed and that you find some of these tips helpful!
I'm here for you if you need me<3
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Lots of hugs and kisses<33//