Korean name: 문민린 / Moon Min Rin.

Moon (Hangul: 문; Hanja: 門, 文): Writing.

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Min (Hangul: 민; Hanja 閔): Quick, clever, sharp.

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Rin (Hangul: 린; Kanji 凛): Dignified, severe, cold.

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Stage name: Dee.
Nicknames: Deeno, Moonie, Min Win, Havoc, Miin.
Real name: Diana Maldonado.
Birthplace: Mexico.
Birthday: January 11th.
Height: 1.58.
Line: 00.
Weight: 44kg.
Zodiac: Capricorn.
Personality: INFJ.
Skills: Speaks Spanish, Korean and English fluently and is learning Japanese (with her unnie's help) and Chinese (with Minghao's help).

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She can also play the guitar and drums.


Group name: ㅣNㅅOㅁNㅣA (INSOMNIA).
Genre: Hip Hop, Kpop, R&B, Ballad (they always enjoy trying different types of music, but are a bit more into hip hop).
Concept: Badass (sometimes soft but always aesthetically pleasant).
Position: Lead dancer, main vocal, rapper, maknae.

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The group's formed by 4 girls -from Korea, Canada, Japan and Mexico-.
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  • Caring.
  • Protective.
  • Fun.
  • Passionate.
  • Creative.
  • Dedicated.
  • Talented.
  • Really artistic.
  • Flower enthusiast.
  • Books lover.
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  • Reading.
  • Composing.
  • Cooking.
  • Singing.
  • Dancing.
  • Playing video games.
  • Being with pleople she loves.
  • Watching anime (mostly Naruto).
  • Going for a walk (to aesthetic places).
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She's a friendly person but doesn't shows it much with strangers since she's really introverted and shy, some people mistake it with being cold. Even so, she has many idol friends.

Her closest friends aside her unnies are:

  • Chani.
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They are really close -almost like family-. Dee is only 6 days older than Chani and she likes to tease him a lot. -SF9-.
  • Mark.
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They play video games often and tend to be really competitive with each other. -NCT-.
  • Minghao.
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They get along really well -they're actually best friends-, one of the reasons being that both enjoy art a lot. People used to think they were a couple because of their great chemistry. -SEVENTEEN-.


Whatever she feels comfortable with.

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Dee's style depends on her mood.


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Solo songs (collabs).

별 (Star).
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ft. Jay (iKON).
사랑해 (I love you).
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ft. SUGA (BTS).
陰陽 (Yin & Yang).
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ft. Xiaojun (NCT).
진실 (Truth).
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ft. Hwiyoung (SF9).
Too late.
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ft. Day6.
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ft. Epik High.
위험한 (Dangerous).
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ft Mino (WINNER).



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They love each other a lot!
-and like to show it.

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They met thanks to Minghao and felt attracted instantly, started hanging out and ended up dating.