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It's December 31st, 2017. I'm in the locker rooms of a foreign pool at the forsaken hour of 5:30 am. The girls' talk about how hard the end of year set is going to be. I play along.

Now, it's October 10th, 2018. My coach is explaining the next set. 10 rounds of 2x25 butterfly on the 35, only 4 breaths each 25, then a 50 easy on the 50. A voice in the back of my mind says, "It's butterfly. You're no good at butterfly. You suck at breathing. Don't try." I hear my teammate groan and say exactly what I was thinking. It was then that I pushed the voice into the darkest alley of my mind and ignored it.

Not only did I put my best foot forward, but I proved to myself that I can. And I will.

I'm only a freshman in high school. So yeah, go ahead and say I don't know what I'm talking about. But anyone can relate to the feeling of no self-confidence.

You know that you're worth it, but that little voice keeps saying "What if your not?"

You can be physically and mentally ready for a test, race, or situation, but someone around you is negative and you pick up on it.

It sucks.

The only thing you can do is reassure yourself and maybe pop in some earbuds and drown out the world.

Instead of playing the I-can't-do-it card, take a deep breath and say out loud to yourself, "Yeah this may be hard, but the pain I feel will only be the strength I have tomorrow."

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"The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you." -unknown

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