Hey! So, yeah my last vlog was a completly SHIT, sorry about that haha.
But hey! At least you had the lyrics of a perfect song (HAHA "perfect" bc that's the title).

So, "everything's been so messed up here lately", honestly I've been feeling like shit. My depression started again, and I was about to kill myself but... OMGGG, I REMEMBER NOW, haha sorry.

I was sad bc of everything BUT ALSO I was sad because I wasn't going to Camila Cabello's concert, SO, the day of the concert I was so sad about to kill myself lol, I literally cried all day in school :(
In the evening, a few minutes before the concert, I went to the place just to buy some sweatshirts or Camila's things. The point is that the ticket resellers convinced me and I ended up buying 2 tickets for the concert and just 10 to 15 minutes before Camila sang. IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT (along with Ariana's, of course).

She said some beautiful words before she singed my favorite song "Scar Tissue", she said something like: "I know many of you are going through difficult times right now, you are probably going through something very bad, but I want you to be strong, fight with yourself and be positive, and know that everything is going to be fine in the end, I love you."
After that she started to sing and I cried bc well... duh.

I think the reason I was in that concert listening to that beautiful words was destiny, maybe God prepared me that.


In school everything's almost good, removing the fact that I failed physics, because I got 4.6 (F).
In the cheerleaders everything's good, I have a lot of friends, I'm not THAT popular but is enough for me.

I think I like a girl called "Emma", she's in the cheerleaders too, and she is cute inside out, and she's bi, but I think she likes a boy, idk, she confuses me.

Today I found out that several children in my classroom like me, although I really have no idea who they would like to talk to.
I found out that my friend likes me and I know that all my friends know, but they don't want to tell me! that whores!

Yeah, that's the tea sis.

Stream "Consequences" by Camila Cabello and "Breathin" by Ariana Grande.

Love y'all. Keep safe and happy.