Good day, sweeties! (Remember, I speak Spanish, but I love languages, and this is a great way to practice, a little, my English. So I apologize if something is not well written, I'm still a beginner)

I wanted to write about something serious and important for each one.

Lately I have seen many publications of girls feeling insecure with their body, with their life. With little love in themselves. And I understand them, because I was like that.

But I understood that life is too short to be with those thoughts. We must love ourselves, accept ourselves, just as we are. No matter our weight, height, skin or nationality. We are all a work of art and we should appreciate that.

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If you don't love yourself, you don't value yourself, you don't respect yourself, how can you expect others to do it? In your life you will attract the things you think, so be positive! Have high expectations about you, you are completely sufficient and capable of achieving everything you set out to do.

Be patient, perseverant, intelligent and strong, and above all, LOVE YOURSELF, that love that you should give yourself will be one of the purest and greatest you can have. If there is something that you don't like about yourself, work to improve it, but don't belittle yourself.

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When I began to love myself, accept myself, and feel secure about myself, physically and emotionally, everything began to change. New doors opened, I took more risks, I met lovely people. I got lost, but I was able to find myself, and find my way. But above all, thanks to the love that I have, my life began to be, even more, happy.

So I invite you to begin to adore and love every part of you, physically and mentally.

Kisses, Lys.