Here we come, to the point where the small number of people manage their life and work properly. What is happening when you see yourself on the ground?
How to think? What to do? Never panic, understand where you are, what is left around you and which chances you could take to come back to where you belong. Put in your mind that you are the queen, strong enough to do everything, to impress world with your hustle and hard work. Remember, this is not the final destination in your life. Many things and opportunities are waiting for you when you stand up!

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Learn how to manage your strategy, bring your power, and be stubborn! You are the leader of your own situation, and if you don't do it no one will for you. You are an independent woman, and if you could manage your life or your business, you must know how to bring all dices back. Be strong enough and confident, tell youself I can do it! and the world will be yours.

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This will be your life lecture, if you pass this test, you would be able to handle everything. The hardest battle we have are not between our enemies but between ourselves. Our enemies motivate us to do more, but when we kill ourselves with sadness, regret, or throwback memories, that could lead us to failure more than being on the ground. Because with positive thoughts you would get over it and stand up, but sadness will add more difficulty to your coming back...

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So, you managed your ideas, analized all possible chances, you must take your first steps confidently and put your efforts in your plans. Don't think about what if I fail twice? If you do you will stand up again, and again! Because no one could beat a stubborn mind, who never gives up. Life is like that, just hard work pays off.

Way to the top is not how we imagine it, we must take the stairs, and even fall back! Who knows, maybe you are just one step separated from the top, and you fall right to the beginning again!!! Does that mean that you are useless? Not able to start again and climb there? No girl, boss babes are not raised like this. You will do it! You can and you will! just dress to kill and slay all that crosses your way (even your outfit will help you with the confidence to slay all! So take care of it too...).

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The important thing too is how to plan everything when you arrive there? Nothing is easy here, but worth the effort. I don't say this because I want to scare someone or to make you give up immediately, but to prepare your mind and power for things that are coming and waiting for you. Honestly if you get scared you are not prepared yet to achieve it. Someone who is ready will say, no matter what I am taking this way!

The position is hardest to save and keep than to get! So you must care what you are doing, how you handle everything you already have, to improve and get more, not to fall from there (if you do, the same steps are waiting for you, again and again).

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Of course, don't care about what people speak about you, or of your failure...You know that you don't belong there, and people will always speak no matter what you are doing, good or bad. Let their stories for them and don't worry, let your success speak for you! Work in silence, and let everything show off by itself. You don't need to explain anything, just mind your own business.

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Nothing can pay the happiness of the woman that rose up from the ground! That is worth everything, and never be lazy to get what you dream of. Because the world is full of careless people who gave up on the first failure, just don't be one of them! Take a deep breath and handle all difficulties. Just dream big, and you will be there, right at the top, living the life you always wanted! Stay loyal to your goals, and they will never disappoint you!

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And...teach people how to treat you! This is one of the rules too, you are at the top, and never let anyone to use you after you achieve what you wanted. Be good hearted, polite, and lovely, but smart to know when it is enough, and when you must leave! Because you give them one finger and they would like to get whole hand. For people it is never enough, so you are there to teach them to treat you nothing less then a boss babe, lady that rules and queen that conquers. Know your value!

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Believe in yourself, the thing I always repeat, stay classy and bossy! Hit the world with your goals. Show off and shine after. Kisses for everyone, until the next time!

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