I thought it would be a cute idea to post some autumn/winter outfits for this year. I personally always think it's hard to find your own style while there are so many cute clothes out there. So these few outfits are just ideas, you can always arrange the clothes differently, I hope you enjoy!

First Look:

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The first look is very cute and sexy because you can combine it with literally anything. I would advise to wear a casual top (one color only) and those cute pants (literally obsessed with them omg). The top can either be a cropped shirt, a strapless shirt or even a long sleeved if you feel too cold. To the outfit I would advise to either wear sneakers (p.e. vans) or boots. As you can see the boots can either have a heel or not, just choose whatever you feel more comfortable with. And for the end of the look a cute fluffy coat would be really amazing! It's first of all warm and second of all it looks really good together! (Belt and jewelry make the natural look more extra!)

Second Look:

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The second look is an everyday look that you can actually wear wherever you want, it's casual but also classy. Mom jeans are literally everywhere and they are the freshest jeans ever tbh. You can also roll them up if you feel like it and it isn't too cold for you. To the mom jeans you can either wear a shirt (it can be even oversized), a sweater or sweatshirt and again either some sneakers (like fila disruptor for example) or Overknees boots (with or without a heel). To finish the look I advise to wear a fluffy jacket like in the pictures because it keeps you warm.(Once again belt and jewelry put a wow effect in your outfit to pep it up)

Third Look:

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The third look is for warmer weather, a cute skirt, a sweater and a jacket with some boots (with or without a heel). Also you can wear tights with the outfit, either black (thick) ones or skin color ones (what you prefer more).You can of course wear the outfit with sneakers but I feel like boots give a slight different/better effect on it than sneakers do.

Last Look

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The last look is a cozy outfit, jeans overalls with a sweater. If you want you can pull the arms of your sweater a little up to make it look even cooler. Feel free to experiment with your outfits, make it as comfortable for you as possible! If you feel like it you can also but one strap down or both of them so people can see your entire sweater (I would advise to do that when the sweater has a nice picture or logo on it).Personally I would pair the outfit with some high top converse because they literally work with anything but you can also choose whatever fits you best. A coat is probably the best choice to put something over the actual outfit because the overalls and sweater are rather thick and take a lot of space so a wide coat makes the outfit less tight and even a little classier.

Thank you for reading my first ever article I hope it helped and you enjoyed it (: