if you feel broken inside ,reminds of the last time you cried
It was today you say but dont give it away
Dont let them know about you ,cry it out in midnight look at the sky as it turns blue.
You cry you cry think i would be over if you die
But can this end even if you stand.

The world is cruel ,selfish, unforgiving but give yourself a chance let that pretty smile make the stars dance.

Look in the mirror and say it has been here all day
All month and year why did i fear
I’ve been me all these days, being you really pays.
With self love and above.

Now i know what you say...if i feel broken inside look at me and forget why i cried.

This is a little poem i wrote it means a lot to me cuz poems are one of the things that made me get throught heartbreak, depression and being broken inside. I may be to young to feel all of this but as i said the world is cruel and selfish so this all made me fall apart 💔.
But i hope this makes you feel better about you and if you ever need me i will be here .