Inpired by

1. What's your favorite movie?
The Avengers

2. A book you planed to read
De Profundis (by Oscar Wilde)

3. How many shoes you have?
8 maybe

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you with life at this time?
6, I am not sure

5. What's your favorite food?

6. What's your favorite drink?

7. Fav dessert?
Chocolate ice cream

8. Dark chocolate or with milk?
Both, I love chocolate

9. What is your essential beauty product?
I don't know

10. Fav band?
I don't have a favorite one

11. Fav solo artist?
John Newman and Katy Perry

12. Fav song?
I can't decide

13. If you got a tattoo, where would it be?
In my left arm

14. Fav candle scent?
I don't like candles too much

15. Lipstick or gloss?

16. Fav flower?

17. Most weird word on spanish
Spanish is my first language but I don't know

18. Heels or sandals?

19. Three things you looking in a man
He need to be funny, good person and need to have goals in his life

20. What celebrity would you like to loot your closet?
Katy Perry