Hello beautiful hearters,
today I will do tv show tag part two.I came with some of this questions myself,but not all of them.Okey, let's start.

Which tv shows are you watching right now?

cast, girls, and gossip girl image actors, cast, and chuck bass image gossip girl, chuck bass, and serena image gossip girl, blake lively, and chuck bass image
I'm watching Gossip girl for the first time and I like it.
amine gulse image tolgahan sayisman, asla vazgeçmem, and amine gulse image tolgahan sayisman, asla vazgeçmem, and amine gulse image tolgahan sayisman, amine gulse, and asla vazgeçmem image
I'm also watching turkish tv show called "Asla Vazgeçmem " which means "Never give up". I'm obsessed with it.

Which new tv show you can't wait to see?

Image by anton.british elena gilbert, damon salvatore, and tvd image to, The Originals, and the vampire diaries image goals, The Originals, and the vampire diaries image
I can't wait to see Legacies. The show is starting October 25th. This show is about tribrid Hope Mikaelson.It's kinda spin off of the Originals.

Favorite theme song?

secret, wallpaper, and pretty little liars image pretty little liars, pll, and aria image pretty little liars, pll, and ashley benson image pretty little liars, pll, and lucy hale image
My favorite theme song is for PLL. It's song by The Pierces called Secret.

Which show you can rewatch and never get bored of?

prison break and season 1 image teen wolf, tyler posey, and holland roden image damon salvatore, tvd, and ian somerhalder image ian somerhalder, candice accola, and the vampire diaries image
Prison break, Teen wolf, The vampire diaries.

Which show you wished had more seasons?

Image removed Image removed Image removed dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and stiles stilinski image
Umm Teen Wolf.

Which show you wish had different ending?

Image removed hayley, Originals, and werewolf image Image by b The Originals, tv show, and vampire image
The Originals.

Favorite love triangle?

damon, diaries, and nina image paul wesley, the vampire diaries, and tvd image Temporarily removed nina, Nina Dobrev, and actress image
Stefan, Elena,Damon.

Popular tv show that you have never watched?

Temporarily removed game of thrones, emilia clarke, and daenerys targaryen image stranger things and lockscreen image millie bobby brown, stranger things, and noah schnapp image
Game of thrones and Stranger things.

Which show genre is your favorite: fantasy, comedy or horror?

shadowhunters image DC, vibe, and cisco image doctor who, tardis, and space image arrow, drama, and edit image

Favorite tv show at the moment?

riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image riverdale image the 100 image bob morley, love, and clarke griffin image
Riverdale and The 100.

Funniest characters?

teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and stiles stilinski image Image removed the vampire diaries, damon salvatore, and ian somerhalder image the vampire diaries, tvd, and damon salvatore image
Stiles Stilinski and Damon Salvatore.

Most annoying characters?

Temporarily removed gossip girl, bad, and good image teen wolf, teenwolf, and gerard argent image arrow, john barrowman, and the magician image
Jasper Jordan (The 100),Georgina Sparks(Gossip girl), Gerard Argent(Teen wolf) and Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow).

That would be it for this article,I hope you like it.See you soon.

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