Hi, stranger.(: if something's messing with your drive to be as active as you know you should, this should help.

So many life threatening things can be gotten control of with the right exercise and nutritious food.

These are things to think about if you've given up on yourself or let yourself go. It's time to pick yourself right back up again. ;) Do it as many times as you need to. :)

1. TV Magic
Every time I get thrown off, (most of the time, by sugar,) I watch people who are in their game, not messing up and being a role model, like this video:

2. The Vision
Figure out before you go and sweat or make yummy balanced food, what do you want to get out of it? Are you feeling stiff? Should be doing stretches/yoga. Are your thoughts wondering around, no control? Shouldn't you then do strengthening moves that take you back into the moment?

3. The Right Look
This is fun and beneficial. Well, to your workout, not so much your wallet. You don't have to have expensive clothes, just the right size and material for the best comfort. Even just having yoga pants (that don't fall off) and a sports bra do the job!

4. Automatic
Getting into a routine needs first, making a draft. Second, following it until you have it memorized. And finally, doing it without thinking because your body knows what you're doing. You'll finally remember, it will become automatic and you don't need to push yourself. With time, you'll start to flow into every set. :)

5. Eliminate the Problem
There's always some reason you start skipping exercise or the right meals. It might be tv-shows; you just wanna watch those without leaving your bed. It could be sugar that overlays your totally on-top of things menu that you worked on for so long; "I'm on my period, it's cravings".

These things are so easy to do. Getting into a clean lifestyle and mindset is hard. It takes a second to let all of your hard work go to waist. It takes days and weeks to get started at something and the same amount of time when you start over.

So, think and decide which is bigger, you or your problem, and when the decision's made, you have to fight the fight every day. Because you are so important, awesome and limitless. I think you can make it. <3

6. Switch it Up
When you have yourself a routine and you've been doing it for a while, it's healthy and fun to change it. Not drastically, just little ways. Invite people to do it with you, or if you're always in a group, try doing it alone, for example. <3