You are energy. You are matter. And every bit of your body and beauty belongs to the universe, as the universe was made from energy and matter long ago.

But you don’t see the universe when you look in the mirror. You see acne. You see fat. You see birthmarks, stretch marks, and all those marks that make you unique. You look at yourself so often you forget that when someone looks at you, they see a different being. They see your flawed beauty.

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I wrote this poem as an empowerment to me and all those that only see imperfections. There will always someone out there that loves you for your flawed self. Even if you, a part of the universe, forgets, I won’t.

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Your body is a garden
That smells just like wells
Of blooming roses
And your skin is a glowing sun
That ignites a fierce fire
Kissing a beaming pathway
To your soul,
Magnetizing anyone
You forget
Your eyes are opaque windows
When they are opened
They capture the beauty
Of your beating heart,
Though you may be broken
You forget
Your hands graze doorknobs
Of unknown beginnings
And strum strings of violins
Stroking bright colors
When you make art
Of blue, purple, and pink
You forget
Your legs were made to run
Into mistakes and walls
Seething of heartbreak and chaos
That you’ll overcome
You forget
Your mind was meant to dream
To make you wonder
To make you unique
To make you question
Everything and
All things unseen
You forget
A gift of unwrapped love
Lying in your heart
Waiting to be given,
Waiting to be touched,
And loved
You forget
Your skin is more than skin
It’s the vessel you were born in
And your soul?
Is the anthem of your garden
Chanted by birds
Singing sweetly
In the branches of your lungs
Maybe it’s foolish to say,
One person can change the world
But with a garden like yours
And the lamp in your eyes
And your hands made to write
And your legs made to conquer
And your mind made to wander
You can certainly change somebody else’s world
You are a garden,
I promise.
You have my word.

- gate closes

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