• my all time favorites

This playlist ranges from childhood songs to songs that I have a deep connection with.

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  • happy

more mellow and slow songs that cheer me up :)

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  • 60s & 70s <3

Already made a article for this playlist:

my favorite 60s and 70s songs.

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Already made a article for this playlist:

a playlist for my fav holiday ;)

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  • 80s alternative

this playlist is pretty self explanatory

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  • my fav 80s

Already made a article for this playlist:

playlist full of classic 80s songs that basically made up half of my childhood.

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  • ...

consist of pop rock, punk rock, and not suprisingly, considering the other genres i listen, pop punk.

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a playlist for my favorite holiday along with Halloween

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  • mom songs

basically songs that me and my mom like to listen to

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  • :)

songs that bring me back to 2015

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Here is a link to my spotify so you can access these playlist!: https://open.spotify.com/user/sophiebestt1?si=cAnLS6j5SEOWKBVIv2-q7g

Cover image by me :)