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How to say No ?

It’s important to learn to say no, just as yes. Set your priorities , be clear about them. Don’t say maybe when you want to say No . Being nice is a good thing but don’t hurt yourself in that process, it’s also important that you don’t hurt yourself while making others happy.

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1. Say no politely with a smile

Just simply say no politely. Tell them instantly that you can't in a nice way.

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2. Give them the genuine reason

If they ask why ? Tell them the reason why you can't and stick to your "No".

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3. Don’t say buts or ifs

Just give them your genuine reason, now don't say if or but. If you can't do anything than you can't & that's okay. People who love will understand that.

4. Don’t be afraid

Mostly, we get afraid especially if it's our family or friends that they'll become angry or we might hurt them. But don't forget yourself in that process, don't hurt yourself. They will also not like that you hurt yourself for making them happy. Just say no politely & tell them your reason. People who really love you & care for you, they will definitely understand you. And don't be afraid of anyone for anything.

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5. Repeat your refusal if the other person insists.

Stick to your Refusal , repeat it & just say no politely & give them reason if they ask.

You have a right to Say No.
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6. Try sandwich method.

Sandwich method is used for constructive criticism mostly. It makes criticism easier and effective. Bread pieces are used for praise/compliments and meat is used for criticism.

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I read somewhere about Empathy Sandwich for saying no. Through this way, you will not hurt the other person and still say no.

Empathy Sandwich = Empathize + Decline + Emphasize again.

Simply, Tell them you can understand their situation but you can't help them.

7. Be true to yourself 

Be Yourself and don't do what you don't want to do. Be straightforward but not rude.

Keep everything simple. Say Yes when you want to say Yes, Say No when you want to say No.
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Remember You're Important too. Give some importance to yourself too.

I hope this article helps You,
Be Yourself & Spread Love