Hello everyone !
I'm back with a new article and this one is fall theamed !! I'm very excited to share with you what I do to get the cozy & fall vibes sooo hope you'll enjoy it!

You can also check my youtube video if you want to :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF_QUAcU7Bc&list=PLTh152AH_TXbSQTX3PPVjNm0ed8edE5xU&index=2&t=0s

1. Redecorate your room

book, coffee, and autumn image autumn, candle, and coffee image
this is one of my favourite things to do for every season!

2. Watch Halloween movies/ TV Series

Halloween, fall, and autumn image autumn, fall, and cozy image
this + a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate = perfect autumn afternoon
autumn, bakery, and breakfast image autumn, Cinnamon, and pastry image cereal image autumn, fall, and pancakes image

3.Try out fall recipes

i love trying out new things and spending a little bit time in the kitchen with myself while being surounded by all the spices .

4.Fall photoshoots

autumn, girl, and fall image autumn, girl, and fall image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and outfit image
one of the best things to do this season with your friends!

5 Fall outfits

autumn, bag, and boots image fashion, girl, and mirror image fashion image girl, fashion, and outfit image
if this isn't something that you are excited about this season , you just probably don't like this season ata all :D

XOXO Vladi