I took a seat next to Cora on the bean bag chairs in the movie room. We're treating ourselves to some wine and a movie after a long day. I killed Vanessa and River today.

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Cora is pleased with me and that's making my day even better. She's going to introduce me to Jasmine soon. I am privileged.

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"I say we watch Friday the 13th since it's Friday the 13th," Cora suggested. "I say we help ourselves to another bottle of wine," I added. She laughed. "Good idea," she said. I put the movie on as she opened up a second bottle. I was beginning to feel tipsy.

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"So...who's next?" I asked. I was on a killer high. I loved the darkness. Once I start with the dark magic, I get stronger and crave more. I've been testing out new ways to torture and kill. Vanessa died by aging. I decayed her slowly by magic. River died by loss of blood and excruciating pain. I dropped him off at his dad's morgue. When he goes to work in the morning, he'll be greeted by his body. I won Cora's respect out of this and I've never felt more at home.

Now...onto the thriller movies.

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"This movie is inspiring," Cora said, leaning back in her seat. I nodded in agreement. "I've always loved slasher there a camp those people go to?" I asked, thinking aloud. "No," Cora said, turning to look at me. "Not yet," she added with a smirk.