"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding."

~ Khalil Gibran
(The Prophet)

Mental health issues are, unfortunately, underestimated, ignored, misunderstood, and barely acknowledged...

But, here is the thing:

Mental health is no joke...

Mental health can make or break a human, just like physical health.

Yes, depression is real.
Yes, anxiety exists.
Yes, bipolar disorder is real too.
Yes, PTSD exists too.
Yes, yes, yes...

The list goes on and on...

And that list should not be ignored, should not be underestimated, should be acknowledged.

It is unfair to accuse people who suffer from those disorders of "attention seeking", "lying", "exaggerating" because you have no idea, absolutely no idea, what battles they are fighting and how bloody those battles can get.

The Darkness depression drowns you in can drive you crazy.
The mess anxiety causes in your brain is sometimes simply too much.

The suffering and pain you have to deal with on daily basis because of mental health issues are. no. joke.

the metal hand that grips your heart as the Darkness pours into you.
the long, long sleepless moonless nights full of messy thoughts and tears.
the mental breakdowns on bathroom floors and in dark rooms, alone.
the non-ending self-destructive thoughts going through your head like a broken tape, looping endlessly.

the pain, the pain, the mental pain that turns into physical pain.

those days where you just can't get out of bed,
where you just can't deal with life and its crap,
where you just can't deal with people and their crap.

that feeling, like you're drowning and falling at the same time into dense darkness.
dense darkness that light can't penetrate.

And all I need, all you need through dark times is an outstretched hand, a legit one, one that is willing to pull you out and stick to you the entire time and not let go of your hand when it starts to slightly hurt him/her.

But, unfortunately, very few are the people who acknowledge mental health issues as serious issues that need to be fixed.

so, we acknowledgers of this issue and we warriors must unite and, together, try our best to pull out fellow warriors out of the darkness into the light.

if you are struggling with mental health problems, reach out, talk about it, find help.
it is nothing to be ashamed of.
it is not a character flaw only a chemical one, and that's okay.

if you know someone struggling, then offer your help only if you know you are able to stick around till the end.
show your support, do not make him/her feel flawed or feel like they are different...

mental health is no joke

I can keep going on about mental health for hours straight but I think ill end it here...

and if you are struggling and feel alone, do no hesitate to message me i am more than willing to listen to you and try to help.

hang on in there, you can do it.

Stay strong,
Stay you,

Lots of love,

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