A lot of people around the world is learning foreign languages in this moment. For example, I am learning Russian, and I know this isn't an easy road.

But, to help you throught this journey, today I'm going to show you five apps to help you with the language you're learning.

These are apps I use and that are totally free and that are available on Android and iOS. Let's start.


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I know, a basic, right? This is probably the most famous app to learn languages. It contains a variety of courses where we can find easy lessons with a lot of minigames.


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Busuu it's a more serious approach than Duolingo, with exercises in vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation and grammar. It won't cost anything at the beggining, but if you want to unlock some tools and functions you need to pay.


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Created by Duolingo, this app is based on flashcards to help you review anything, including, obviously, languages. Tinycards not only helps you with your vocabulary, but with your listening and writing.


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In this case, each language is offered in a different app, so you must download the MosaLingua for the language in which you are interested. The content is based on thematic learning cards that mix grammar, vocabulary, useful phrases and tips.


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In this app you can talk with native speakers via text and audio messages. You can also have video calls with them. It's a very good app to practice your speaking and writing skills.



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This app not only helps you to prepare for national or regional exams, but with your learning progress of a foreign language. You can create your own set of flashcards or choose sets created by other users.

Thank you for reading my article.