Awake or asleep there is always something that draws our Attention. A song, a book, a smell... and a Person. It is not a story of love, nor heartbreak, but, of Inspiration.
When you meet someone, it changes the whole perspective of your life, your emotions. It sweetens you in a shameless, almost violent and so... Perfect. Reeflexión: friendships, like the universe, are misunderstood, rare and beautiful to their way of being.I am excited about gifts, surprises of friendship, hugs and looks that transmit you stars. but, I expect so much from my friends... that I end up more demanding than my mom. "people are not like you," someone once told ME. And I know it. I learned it from the bad, the good and the Painful. I'm Just a rookie Who's learning to live really true, who left the overprotective castle, who decided not to Settle. It could be you. They could undertake the new, with their friends, your strange friends, those who say no, yes, that "i do not know what to say." You won't even understand Them. But that's the beauty of your universe: you share it with Them.