Love is such a terrible force, that gets you when you really don't expect it. It is a painful but beautiful feeling, that loses you in a swirl of wild tears and laughs. But how is it possible not to be afraid to fall in love, when falling in love is giving your whole self to someone? How can you love someone when you might be broken in the end?
These questions are keeping me up at night. They are torturing me. Unfortunately, I can not get them out of my head now that I am in love with you.
You trapped my heart so fast and so strongly...

I am frightened. Because you are the only person who is able to destroy my heart at the moment. You are the one who decides if it is going to shine warm upon my face or rain on my shoulders. Everyday, I fall deeper and deeper, and the hole I dig is where I am going to rest soon. At night, I think of how powerful my feelings are.
I am terrified because I am so in love with you that it hurts.
And it hurts so bad that all I wish is that you fall for me too.

By @MlleSwirl