The first part of this got so many likes guys thank you so much!
So as promised here's part 2!

1. Spend time with your friends

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Friends will make your time in high school so much better. Don't go waisting your time on toxic people.

2. Make your notes cute

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I Always want my notes to look cute because when I have to study them I like it way more than when I have to study from my textbook or from fast written notes.

3. Talk to your teachers

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This one really depends on what kinda school you go to. Teachers in my school are like your friend they're funny and you can have a laugh during class.

4. Do something you like during free hours

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Mostly when I have a free hour or when there's a 15 minute break I read a book or a magazine or I watch YouTube. It Always makes my day so much better, dude.

5. Except that school sucks

Honestly school is so much better when you know that it's not getting any better. It's just a small part of your life that you have to get through so you can have a beautiful future.

Hope you liked this article and remember that you're beautiful!