Hi hearters!
This is my first article, i'm super nervous, but i hope you will enjoy!

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Here is autumn, colorful month, time when we start to think, sometimes overthink our future, past and moment we are in.
I'm not that autumn person, i prefer spring and summer time, but autumn is very beautiful, not gonna lie.

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I love taste of good coffee and tea, i allways choose the best cup i can find, and allways searching for new one in the store.

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One of my passion is taking photographs, autumn is perfect time to do it, you don't need the best camera, for beginners phone camera is enough.
I take photographs for almost 12 years, that is a lot haha, but i am not professional, just doing for myself.

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Of course autumn is perfect time for books. Sadly, i have school, and lot of homework, but every free moment i love to read some pages of book. My favorite book is ''Holding up the universe'' by Jennifer Niven.

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One of the best place to drink cup of tea,is by the fireplace. That sparkling sound of fire is really calming when you feel anxious or sad, or you are just making serious decision about you action.

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Music is my favorite thing at the moment. I don't listen to specific type of music,but my favorite band is Imagine dragons.

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For the last 7 years i have watched lot of different youtubers. My favorite one is Shane Dawson, and i know that Jake Paul series wasn't the best idea, but thought of that crazy life Jake has, and that Shane could film some of it is pretty amazing.
I also love family SacconeJolys, they are just incredible and amazing. They vlog their everyday life, struggles they have, and happy moments they are celebrating.

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Article about autumn wouldn't be right without Netflix, am I right? haha
I got Netflix subscription at the middle of July, because i wanted to see many tv-series but that is a endless path. When you start to watch you can't stop.
My favorite tv-series are ''The vampire diaries'', ''The 100'', ''Stranger things'', ''13 reasons why'' and lot of more.
I have to say that movie ''To the all boys i've loved before'' is a really good movie.

Thank you for reading my first article, i really hope that you enjoy as much as i enjoyed writing it. Sorry for some mistakes, English is not my native language.

If you have some ideas for articles, or you just want to talk write me a message or add me on snapchat - mazaisbecis12 .

Best wishes xx