I know nobody is interested, but I felt like doing this ...

a colour

Temporarily removed aesthetic, theme, and green image aesthetic, alternative, and berlin image Image by Lucian
(dark) green

a season

fall; I love the winter more, but I am more like fall. Nobody really needs or wants fall, it's just kind of there.

an element

blue, beach, and aesthetic image Image removed

a time of the day

aesthetic, city, and moon image stars, night, and sky image
after midnight

a feeling

epiphany, happy, and life image depressed, Dream, and eminem image
either one of these two or anxiety

body part

Image removed 90s, fav, and glitter image

an animal

allah, beautiful, and beauty image Temporarily removed
a whale in the deep blue ocean

a city

aesthetic, alternative, and art image seoul, aesthetic, and korea image aesthetic, asia, and black image Temporarily removed

Seoul; somewhere really far from here where nobody knows me

a song

forever rain by rm, the best kind of sad song

a celebrity

Image removed heize, aesthetic, and kpop image
heize; I mean I could never be like her but yeah ...

an album

vessel (twenty one pilots)

a character

Abusive image natalie portman, mathilda, and leon the professional image
Korean Drama, kdrama, and relatable image belle epoque, Korean Drama, and age of youth image
yoo eun Jae (age of youth 1)

a flower

Temporarily removed flower, lily pad, and white flower image

a fruit

a kiwi; I don't really like kiwi's, they're weird


gif, anime, and rain image
pouring rain


Image removed
the blue hour; it's a really confusing movie

a book

looking for alaska // the colorless tsukuru tazaki and his pilgrimages

a piece of art

art image light, art, and yayoi kusama image
infinity room - yayoi kusama