Hi, babes! It's been some time since I wrote my last article in here! I'm really sorry about that :( It's been a crazy time.
It's been about 8 months that I decided to leave my social medias (Instagram and Facebook). I needed time and a lot of focus. I've been using only WhatsApp and a bit of We Heart It.
It honestly changed my life! I needed that space. I've been working hard on a lot of different projects.
Last week, I decided to create a new account on Instagram (@lawelooks), where I want to share some moments of my days with anyone who has some interest in following me. I want to post about positive things, such as the following topics:


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I'm a young Lawyer uncovering the legal world, defending people's rights daily and learning every single day. I hope my Ig will be a good platform to talk about some cases and interesting subjects.
I'm, at the same time, a fashion enthusiast. So, my feed kinda mixes a little bit of both worlds.


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I want to interact with people who are searching for their purposes. Having experienced a lot of group work at College, I believe we can change the world together.
I'm an academic leader and researcher and I want to share experience with other people around the world and learn from them.

3. (REAL) BEAUTY - it's on the inside

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Every single human being has an universe inside of them. I keep repeating this sentence, because is the truth.

The real beauty comes from the inside out, it is present in the way we treat ourselves and the people around us, it means that smile on a raining day, it means the "good morning" to our classmate or coworker. That's what beauty is all about.


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I loooove trying YouTube tutorials and, usually, fail lol. I'd like to share some of my makeup looks on my new feed.


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As you guys may have noticed, English isn't my native language, it is Portuguese. I'm Brazilian, and I'm trying to create a global platform, interacting in English and Portuguese. It's also helping to improve my writing skills in English.


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I try to post things abou my daily life and positive messages. I love food and travel as much as I can (wish I could travel muuuch more).

My purpose is to make a positive impact and see people around me happy and smiling. So, smile, babes! Feel free to follow me and interact with me, I'm willing to make new friends from all around the world. Tell me your history <3

Beta (@lawelooks).