Hey friends!!! I love makeup sooo much and I always get asked for tips so here we gooooo.


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when it comes to makeup you got to figure out what kind of style you like! Personally mine changes based on what event i'm going to. But I really like a simple look on most days and a full glam for when im going to an event or going out.


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everyone has their own makeup routine, and everyone does what works best for them. this may sound weird but I have two different makeup routines lol. If im getting ready for just a simple day of going out out then I do ; face makeup then eye makeup. but if im creating a good eye look then I do my eys first and face second. It really depends on what order you like to do your makeup, but once you get your routine down you get more practice and become better.


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I can't express how important it is to do your makeup with brushes (or a beauty blender)!!!! some people like to use their hands but it's very unsanitary and it creates more oils and dirt on your face! Brushes and makeup products are the key to makeup! you do NOT need high end makeup brushes and palettes to look good! anything will work. However sometimes nicer products are better quality. But don't let the price let you believe that it's better than a drug store product. for instance I have foundations from MAC, cover fx, fenty beauty, etc. but my all time favorite is from maybeline!!! overall drug store products can be just as good as Sephora.


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honestly I personally think lashes make the biggest difference. if you're like me you don't have long lashes even with mascara. lashes are great for pulling a big glam look together. when I did a clients makeup I told her "you can still look beautiful without lashes, but with lashes you are a goddess".


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having clean skin is honestly the biggest game changer when doing your face makeup. you can still look great without cleansing your skin, however cleaning your skin really makes you glow differently! I always wash my face before I put on makeup, even if its just a little water and soap! not only does cleaning your skin make a difference, but it helps prevent acne!!

I hope you all enjoyed this!! Im going to try to write an article a few times a week:) I really enjoy it and this is my form of a blog lol.

xoxo - Dana