I will never be as good as I want to be,
not because I am not good enough,
but because I know I can become better.
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You can read books, blogs, articles, magazines, lyrics...literally anything! Knowledge exists everywhere, even in the simplest of things! I suggest you start with something easier such as a blog post or a weheartit article and only when you feel comfortable enough with yourself moving into reading a book!
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No need to feel scared or intimidated, no one is asking you to write a whole novel or a school essay(yikes)! You can start by setting up your bullet journal in English or if you are more into journaling, you can write about your day, emotions, events, memories!It doesn't have to be perfect, just write for yourself!
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Come on, honestly who doesn't watch youtube in 2018? It may feel like you are just watching your favorite YouTubers talking about fashion, beauty, games, their life but at the same time, you are getting influenced by the way they speak and express themselves. On the same note, movies, series, anime can help you improve and expand your English. I know that you probably feel like you are gonna miss something important if you get distracted so you can just put the English subtitles on.
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Having an online friend from abroad can be game-changing! With social media platforms or even online games taking over our lives, it's impossible not meeting someone from a foreign country. Making a friend, trying to know each other and getting closer is the best way to practice your English!
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School, college, work...we always have something that keeps us busy! I know, how stressful and hectic things can become. It's easier sometimes to say that you don't have time for anything else than make time for it. Laziness is what keeps us away from becoming the best version of ourselves. All you have to do is dedicate 5 minutes and try to learn 3 new English words each day. It may seem aimless but nothing goes to waste, trust me!
Read, Write, Watch, Speak, Learn!
Simple as that!

That's it for today's article! Hope you got some inspiration! Those are all things that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. As always, feel free to send me a message or a postcard! See ya soon cuties xixixi ❤

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