It's my mom's birthday today. I want to say that I love you so much. I know I did some bad things and I still do, sometimes. I repeatedly hurt you that I blame myself everyday for it.

You're an amazing mom. You deserve all the good things in life and the afterlife. You've always been there for me. When I was at my saddest moments, you were there to comfort me. When I was happy, you were there to congratulate me.

No amount of effort can surpass what you've done for me. But I'm willing to stay by your side in every step of the way. I'm forever grateful for all the things you've done for me. I'm blessed to have you to call my mom.

You're a superwoman. You're always doing things that you forgot to rest. You never stop for a break. And I know that God will grant you His blessings for the sacrifices you did for me and my siblings.

I want to give back what you've given me before. You bought me pretty clothes, beautiful notebooks and fun storybooks. You never stopped buying gifts even though you're tight on money just to see a smile on my face. You've always believed in me that I would be a good person.

Happy birthday, Mama. May you find happiness in your life. And I hope you'll never be sad anymore. May all the good things you've done comes back to you. Since I know you're the nicest person on this planet.