Hey guys!
So, I recently watched One Tree Hill and it was absolutely amazing. It taught me so much and inspired me in so many different ways.
I got this idea from;

How/ When did you start watching?
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I've always wanted to watch it but it had 9 seasons and I wasn't sure whether it was worth my time. I was so wrong. I ended up loving it after the first few episodes and I couldn't stop watching it.
Who is your favorite male character (s)?
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Nathan Scott, he was amazing. He grew so much throughout the show and I admired him for dealing with everything he went through the way he did.
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Skills Taylor, he was so funny and kind. I loved his character.
Who is your favorite female character?
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Brooke Davis, she's so strong, kind and beautiful. I loved how her character developed and she inspired me in so many ways ❤

Also, she's kind of a badass;

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Favorite Couple
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Naley, they were proof that true love does exist.
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Jeyton, I always thought Jake and Peyton were extremely cute for each other and I really wanted them to be together in the end.
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Brucas, they were beautiful together.
What is your favorite friendship?
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Brooke and Haley, I loved how they were there for each other when Peyton and Lucas left. It was beautiful how their friendship blossomed from mere acquaintances to best friends.
Who is your favorite parent?
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Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott, I don't know if this counts but I loved how they were as parents. Hands down the best people to ever become parents.
High school years or adult years?
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I'd have to say high school years, I loved them as adults and the show was just as good then but I really missed them in high school.
What is your favorite season?
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The third season, all my favorite characters get together. Well, for a while anyway xD
Who is your favorite guest star?
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I wanted to say Katie Ryan but that's only because I love the actress so much so I'd have to say Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. It was so exciting to see him because I was falling in love with Fall Out Boy at the time and his character was pretty sweet.
What is your favorite scene?
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When Lucas and Brooke get together.
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And this scene was just everything.
What is your least favorite scene?
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Quentin's death hit me hard.
Do you have a favorite quote?
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Karen's Cafe or Clothes Over Bros
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I'd have to say Karen's Cafe, it was home to all the characters, a safe haven. But I also really love Clothes Over Bros, it was the start of Brooke's entire life and brought out a lot of her potential.
Least Favorite Character
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Nicki, she was so mean!
What is your favorite episode?
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"When It Isn't Like It Should Be" S03E18. I loved this episode because they were all together and happy, a pretty rare episode. "All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone" S04E21. This was such a memorable episode, Haley gives birth, Karen gets to see Keith one last time, the girls dance to Spice Girls and they graduate.

And that's it!

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Hope you guys liked it! (Naley for the win).