I feel so useless and there aren't many things I can do about it. I hate every second of this bullshit I'm in, why can't I just move to somewhere else with none of this shit and have a new beginning I HATE ALL OF THIS.

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All this shit people do to others and pretend to be all nice after just talking shit about someone else is stupid and ridiculous.

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I wish when I cry everything can just be fixed and shit will be all the way I want it to be. I want people to be nice and not fake. People should not say one thing and do the other, all this sounds so easy but how many actually do it, NOT MANY.

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Why is it? This is because everyone is selfish and doesn't consider others around them. Why are we people like this? Why can't we just all nice and real to each other not the, "you're so nice" turns to the friend next to them, "oh she is such a bitch" like shut up and just be nice or better don't even talk. All this dumb shit need to stop and people need to be less like people.

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