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Is it just me, or am I the only one who feels like this week has already lasted for at least 40 days - and it’s only Wednesday?! I mean, honestly, I knew that this semester would get tough, but I’m only one and a half weeks in right now and my body, mind and soul are all three agreeing that I desperately need a day off soon. So, if you feel (semi-)burned out right now too or you are generally interested, I thought I’d share my ’plans’ for this upcoming Sunday, which I highly look forward to, with you:

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#1 declutter & clean

First things first, I already know that at the end of this week my place is going to look like a mess. I can already see the mess. That’s why I’m planning to set one or two hours aside to go through my stuff, chucking everything away I no longer need and cleaning any surfaces like my desk, my coffee table and so on. While doing this, it’s only natural for me to listen to music – so, naturally, I’m already picking out some songs I most likely enjoy during this time of my next Sunday, trying to hit my goal of a two-hour-long playlist of bops. Tell me if you got any song suggestions by any chance!

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#2 organise

After decluttering and cleaning, it’s high time to (re-)organise my life. This is the time where I whip out my bullet journal and all the to-do-lists I've accumulated over the past few days and I start planning out the upcoming weeks. If you're interested in how I use my bullet journal, there'll be an article up soon where I go more into detail and where I find most of my inspiration for my page designs. After having an overview on what needs to get done in the next few days, I either start to work on that stuff right away or I at least create a schedule regarding when I set out to start.

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3# fuel my body

For the first meal of the day, I always make sure that I get as many nutrients in as possible and that I give myself enough energy to function properly, avoiding headaches and stomach pains at all costs since this day is all about feeling good and content. Side note: I usually don’t eat breakfast, since my body doesn’t feel hungry in the morning and before anyone worries about this choice: I’ve done a lot of research on how intermittent fasting can benefit you and I never had any health issues concerning my food choices. I first eat something at around 11 or 12 and if you’re interested in an article all around on my nutrition, why I’m pescatarian, when I eat what, how much of what and all that jazz – let me know!

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#4 go outside

This time of the year is just too beautiful to sit inside all day and miss the wonder of nature that occurs when the leaves are changing colours and the air feels fresher and crisper with every breath we take. Therefore, if it isn’t going to rain on Sunday, I plan on taking my dog on a looong walk around our neighbourhood and maybe going to a café where I can enjoy a coffee (or two) whilst sitting outside, bathing in autumnal sunshine.

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#5 try something new

After coming back from the walk or from the café, I plan on trying something new. I don't really know yet what that will be, but I feel like on Sundays I always get the urge to do something I haven't done before or something I haven't done in a long time. Whether that will be baking or cooking something with my sisters or my mum following a brand new recipe, starting a new book and getting sucked into a completely different world, using my new aquarelle colours I got for my birthday for the first time, learning how to play one of my current favourite songs on piano or on guitar, or something completely different. I'm already so excited thinking about this part of the day, where I can choose to spend my time for whatever I feel like doing and just enjoying the glorious feeling of doing something new.

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#6 check off something of my list(s)

When it gets dark out and the world starts to quiet down, I'll probably look through the note on my phone where I collect all my lists of films I want to watch, albums I want to listen to or books I want to read. So, if I have got the time to do so, I'll check something of that list to feel like I have accomplished something that day. My current recommendations for that part of my next Sunday would be: Victoria & Abdul (film), the soundtrack to A Star Is Born (album) or The Why Cafe (book).

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#7 treat myself and rewind

Last but by no means least, I'm going to treat myself and at the same time prepare my body for the next week. That includes a long bath with bathbombs and that whole shebang, a face mask, a good book or maybe some Gilmore Girls as per usual, tea or a glass of wine and some snacks (and yes, I'm one of those people that eat in the bath - and I love it). I maybe give myself a manicure if I need one and I'll be covering my whole body with my favourite body lotion, preferably before the manicure so I won't mess up my nail polish. My cozy lavender bathrobe and the heap of candles I own will most likely join the party as well, which are the perfect addition to a calm and relaxed end of the day.

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Well, I think this is all for now. I hope I've given you a few ideas you can put into practise this weekend. If you do so – tell me about it! Do you have any suggestions or tips I should add to this list? Feel free to stay in touch with me by leaving a comment or writing me a message or a postcard - I do my best to reply as soon as possible, I promise!

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Song recommendation of today: Mumford and Sons - Friend of the Devil

Have you already read my last article? It’s about my favourite songs of this month as well as how I divide them into different playlists in terms of when I listen to what:

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