For the first 15 years of my life my twin sister and I shared a room. It was really tough on us. We’ve always been close, and there’s nothing that could change that, but when we shared a room we used to fight with each other daily. So you can imagine my excitement when my older sister told us she was moving out and I got to move into her bedroom!

This excitement was short lived, however. It wasn’t long after I moved into that room that strange things began to happen.

The first thing I noticed was how unusually cold the closet was. Some people may play that off as the weird placement of an air vent, but the closet was vent-free. All year long, even in some of the hottest Michigan summers, the closet would remain cold.

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I later started realizing that the closet light would mysteriously turn on by itself. I never saw it flick on, but if I would leave my room to take a shower or grab a snack, when I would return the light would be on.

Then I started noticing that when I would go to school and return home, not only would the closet light be on, the door would be open as well. Now, I have three sisters, two of which were living in the house with me at the time, so naturally I thought it was them going through my clothes. Eventually it became a daily occurrence, and I was so bothered by it that I snapped at both of my sisters, asking them why they kept going in my closet in the morning to take my clothes, and why they would leave the light on and door open. They both stared at me blankly, swearing that they hadn’t gone in there. When they saw my angry expression meaning that I didn’t believe them, they pointed out that if they were going in my closet to take my things, why hadn’t I noticed them wearing my clothing.

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My blood ran cold as this realization hit me. They were right.

That night I texted my older sister, asking her if she had ever noticed anything weird in the room. Chills ran down my spine as I read her response:

“I never noticed anything weird in the bedroom but there was something in that closet.”

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-xx Lenny