Every day, I wake up, brush my teeth and get ready, so that I could look presentable. But I always wonder how life is such a routine. You go to school, learn bits of knowledge that you don't even have to apply in the real world. At a certain time, you sit down on your desk and finish all your work. You walk out, putting your best smile, despite all the conflicts in your head. You try to socialize with people, you try to do your best for everything, you try to make yourself interesting. But aren't you tired? Tired of being so alive, tired of applying all the makeup to hide your broken face, tired of putting a fake smile every day. Nobody notices it...
You wish that someone could just tell you that you are enough, you don't have to act so strong all the times. You don't have to live up to all the expectations given by your parents and society. You can be yourself.
I noticed that everyone has the fear of being judged, the need to fit in. But if all friends of yours are fake, why bother? Why do you always be so nice to them no matter what they have done to you? Because you are a genuine person. You are amazing, and nobody really appreciates it sometimes, except your closest friends that can literally read you like a book. They are the ones that will stay, they are the ones that will be there for you through sticks and stones.

The reality just hits you, life is full of ups and downs. You finish school, and then work until you can pay for your whole life. The society makes lives difficult: even with the best scores and works, nothing is guaranteed. We have to live up to our image in order to succeed. But isn't that unfair? With all the years of education, all the years of hard work and dedication, it might not be paid off.
Well, I guess, for now, we have to try our best. No matter what life brings us, we have to stand tall. Be ourselves, figure out whom will stay in your life. Get rid of all the toxins, and try to move on.