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Share something you struggle with

I struggle with depression and anxiety all the time. Also my ADHD. I have trouble with socializing sometimes, even though I'm quite the extroverted person. Sometimes, I isolate myself completely from my friends because of how emotional I get, and I don't want to seem like I'm asking for attention in the wrong way. Other times (like now), I'm so numb from the pain that it's hard to even feel anything. It's a struggle to find a middle ground, to wake up and think to yourself that everything's gonna be ok, and to believe in yourself that the future holds a lot more opportunities than you think. It is, and if you don't have mental illnesses or personal parts of your life that haunt you or effect the way you think of yourself, it's super hard to relate.

Hence, why it's sometimes complicated to speak to my friends because they're in the mindset of comparing or trying to automatically think of some kind of conclusion, as if mental health is something you can easily fix.

Point is, this is my struggle. Sometimes I express it through writing, other times I try to get it out to my therapist or my mom. Heck, I'm even doing it right now. But hey, if there's anything I can do to make this article have a positive outcome, it's to let those out there who are dealing with a similar issue that they're never alone. They always have a lifeline to run to.

Thank you for reading. I'm sorry this one wasn't "cute" or peppy. Yes, I understand it's incredibly personal, but sometimes it's good to write and express how you feel, and let others out there know that there's someone else dealing with the same thing and that there's someone in the world to relate to. I hope you guys liked this article, and thanks for reading. I truly appreciate the support and positivity on WeHeartIt.


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