I´m in search of an internet bestfriend. Honestly, I´m looking for someone who is passionate about their friends and by that I mean will be willing to lift up their friends and write about them and just be kind. So, with that I will tell you 20 facts about myself.

1.) I´m a capricorn. I also love astrology.
2.) I love being in love. The butterflies and stuff, love it.
3.) I´m really uplifting like I love writing about my friends and saying how great they are just saying.
4.) I like being healthy. Like working out and smoothies. Oh my lord, smoothies.
5.) My favorite color is lilac
6.) I love being a feminist and I love the idea of it.
7.) I have anxiety and I´m socially awkward
8.) I´m a dog mom, seriously I love animals
9.) I love playing sports, I really don´t know why.
10.) I believe everyone is a good person until they are hurt
11.) I love horror movies, they give me nightmares but whatever.
12.) I´m not a follower, I never will take a backseat in someone elses life I am either number one or I am not there.
13.) I am scared of the dark
14.) I am not the type to be quiet about an issue if it affects me then I will shut it down
15.) I follow kabbalah
16.) I love nature
17.) I believe you are loved beyond belief
18.) I meditate and do yoga everyday
19.) I have always been a strong believer in being body confident
20.) I like the idea of being a media influencer

That´s the end of the article so message me if you want to be friends. Be safe, be kind, be the person you needed when you where younger.
Bye, Braelynn