⋗ Japan

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One of my dream travel destinations is Japan. I'd love to visit the lively city of Tokyo, and see the beautiful cherry blossom trees. I'd go sightseeing, try out street food, shop, and so many more things.

⋗ France

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Another place I want to go to is France. I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower up close, especially at night when it's glowing brightly. Me being a food lover, would be excited to taste the authentic varieties of French delicacies. I am also in love with art so I wish to go to an art museum (Louvre in the bottom right pic above).

⋗ South Korea

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It was my admiration for Kpop that brought my attention to Korean culture. I was very amazed by their fashion and makeup. One day I found myself binge watching videos of food in Korea. From "convenience store food challenge" to "street food".

⋗ America

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Yes, I live in Hawaii which is part of America but I've never been to the mainland which is one thing I'm looking forward to in the future. There are many things we don't have in this state for example, in-n-out burger (i heard it's really good) and disneyland/ disney world!

⋗ Canada

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I don't know many fun sites in Canada although My friend told me that Canada is a great place to vacation in. I've heard that the people there are really nice. Also, Canadian money is so colorful and pretty .