Day 19 - A tag of your choosing

I put together a bunch of questions and made my own Disney tag!

Favorite Disney movies

disney, lion king, and simba image disney and hunchback of notre dame image alice, alice in wonderland, and disney image disney and pocahontas image
The lion king, The hunchback of Notre Dame, Alice in wonderland, Pocahontas. - Really love all the movies though -

Favorite underrated Disney movies

disney image cartoon, cozy, and dalmatian image disney and robin hood image cauldron, disney, and smoke image
Atlantis the lost empire, 101 dalmatians, Robin Hood, The black cauldron.

Favorite Disney princesses/heriones

disney, atlantis, and kida image mulan, disney, and princess image
anime, disney, and esmeralda image
Kida (Atlantis the lost empire), Mulan, Esmeralda (The hunchback of Notre Dame).

Favorite Disney princes/heroes

prince, blue, and boy image disney, simba, and lion image
disney, Out there, and quasimodo image
Prince Eric (The little mermaid), Simba (The lion king), Quasimodo (The hunchback of Notre Dame).

Favorite Disney couple

aladdin, kiss, and disney image
Aladdin & Jasmine.

Favorite Disney quotes

Abusive image
aesthetics, disney, and film image disney and beauty and the beast image
disney, mulan, and princess image

Favorite Disney villains

aurora, moment, and disney movies image disney and snow white image
Maleficent (Sleeping beauty), The evil queen (Snow white).

Favorite Disney sidekicks

disney, simba, and the lion king image
Image by Ronni mills mulan, disney, and mushu image
Timon & Pumbaa (The lion king), Genie (Aladdin), Mushu (Mulan).

Saddest Disney moments

amazing, awesome, and childhood image disney, the fox and the hound, and gif image bambi, disney, and gif image disney, esmeralda, and notre dame image
.... kill me now.

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