OOH HI! I know I was kinda missing but I had many tests that did not leave me time even to breathe. I had seen this challenge a long time ago and well, I hope you enjoy it! Lol

If I were;

a colour;

sky, blue, and vans image blue, makeup, and eyeshadow image hands, aesthetic, and art image tumblr, baby blue theme, and aesthetic image

a season;

adventure, mountains, and nature image fashion, sweater, and white image cold, crown, and indie image cold, freckles, and green eyes image

An element;

aesthetic, blue, and moodboard image animals, nature, and blue image titanic, water, and grunge image girl, water, and sea image

A time of the day;

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It lights, night, and tumblr image alternative, building, and city image

Who a wanna be;

music, sing, and quotes image Image removed quotes, history, and aesthetic image book image
I wanna be singer, and write my own songs

An animal;

cat, animal, and cute image cat, quotes, and cry image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
A black cat

A city;

cute, beauty, and city image Image removed friendship, cute, and friends image gif, london, and england image
London (I'm Joey af)

A song;

Image removed ariana grande, troye sivan, and dance to this image ariana grande, troye sivan, and ariana image troye sivan and dance to this image
dance to this
Image by Mrs.Malfoy arianagrande image Mature image ariana grande, ariana, and icon image
God is a woman

A celebrity;

dua lipa, singer, and paris image Mature image dua lipa image Image removed
Dua lipa♥
boy and charlie puth image charlie puth image Temporarily removed charlie puth, boy, and cute image

An album;

boy, handsome, and singer image album, attention, and charlie image quotes, Lyrics, and text image handsome, photography, and charlie puth image

A character;

quotes, grunge, and sad image moon, light, and neon image cyber, internet, and led image computer, aesthetic, and quotes image
friends, monica geller, and 90s image quotes, feminism, and girl image Central Park, city, and new york image chocolate, delicious, and cream image
Monica Geller

credit to;

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥