ayyyyyyeeeee it's fall-the-literally-best-season-on-earth

Here's some nice thangs to do!!!!

1) Watch old spooky cartoons

scooby doo, cartoon, and horror image cartoon, cartoons, and fashion image Image removed Abusive image


autumn, books, and cup image room, bedroom, and home image

3) Take walks in the nature (The woods, a cute public garden, a park, etc)

autumn, beautiful, and colorful image adorable, pets, and sweet image

4) Take pictures of your city

autumn, fall, and leaves image brown, city, and theme image

5) Enjoy a good cup of coffee with a friend

food, coffee, and breakfast image coffee and starbucks image

6) Make your homework somewhere cute & calm

book, coffee, and rain image Temporarily removed

7) be fashionable EVERYDAY. Be you, don't hesitate to wear your fav cardigan or sweather, IT'S TIME

blogger, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, alternative, and black image fashion and sweater image girl, aesthetic, and sunset image

8) Watch good old movies

Image removed Image removed Image removed when harry met sally image
The Step Mom, Dead Poet Society, Harry Potter, When Harry Met Sally

9) Go to museum, be artistic & creative

art, black, and girl image art, museum, and aesthetic image

10) Have a bonfire with good friends

autumn, fall, and friends image fire, marshmallow, and autumn image

11) Read books

book, library, and chair image book, red, and lady image