I'm feeling pretty content and at peace right now, which is something a little rare for me nowadays. But in honor of feeling this way, I want to write out some positive things to help myself and others remember good things when we aren't feeling too great :)

If you ever feel too overwhelmed, go take a shower. Not only will you be clean and ready to take a nap after(which always helps you feel better) a shower will calm you down and relax you, and at the very least, you won't come out feeling any worse than you felt before. Put on some music that reminds you of specific good memories you had when you weren't feeling overwhelmed. Relax with some stupid YouTube videos, and just chill out. The feeling will pass, and eventually the thing that was overwhelming you will be over.

If you feel sad, feel the sadness, but don't wallow in it. Cry a bit, listen to a couple of your emo songs, and then wrap it up. Put on some happier or more upbeat songs, watch a funny movie or a lighthearted show, or read a good book with a good snack. Text a friend or family member. Talk to your dog. Go feed the squirrel some walnuts. We all know at least one person that wouldn't mind our company or mind talking to us, even if we say we have no one. And most importantly, remember that the feeling will pass, and this won't last forever.

If you feel lonely, the same rules apply. Busy yourself, even if you don't have anyone to busy yourself with. It might feel weird, but do things by yourself. I am a huuuggeee hypocrite for this, but I am trying to learn to do this myself. Enjoy your own company. How? If you have an instrument, play it. Learn new songs, learn the instrument, perfect yourself. If you have a pet, take your pet on a walk, or just spend time with them. Work out. Go outside with your earbuds and take a long walk. I find walking alone better than walking with someone else, as you can enjoy the music and not have to worry about constantly making conversation. Go get some food. Watch a show, put on a movie, read a book. Watch a YouTube video, or make your own videos. Write something. Clean your room. Do laundry. Do homework. Look up fun things you can do by yourself, or clubs you want to join, and join them. Fill out a job application. Take a nap. And also remember, this isn't forever. You will not be sad forever. You won't be alone forever. Eventually, you will see your family again. You will see your friends again. You will make new friends, and you will create a new sense of family. There are always tough times, but there are also always good times. You just have to tough through the bad to make it to the good, which always comes, no matter how long it takes.

The rain never lasts forever guys :)