I'm not sure of what I feel for you. Sometimes I hate you, but I love you at the sametime.

I hate loving you.

You act so distant a lot of times, and you are so cute and sweet when we're alone. Perhaps it's the pressure you feel from the people around. Sometimes you make me feel so happy but sometimes you make me feel weak and sad.

I wish you could tell me what you feel for me, if you're in love with me as I'm with you, so I can stop feeling so confused.

I'm tired of this. Tired of not tell you what and how I really feel. Tired of not show you my love. Tired of lie telling the others I do not love you.

One clue is all I'm asking for, a sign to make me know if it's better to get over or keep fighting for you. My friends tell me that I should forget you and look for someone else... and I've tried but I can't just get you out of my mind.

You make me feel weird...